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Ramy's Extra Fancy Long Grain Wild Rice is still grown naturally in lakes and rivers and hand-harvested the old fashioned way, this allows us to only harvest rice that is fully mature.  As a result of our custom scarification processing our long grain wild rice when cooked increases up to 4 times its original volume giving you the most for your money.

Whether you are new to cooking wild rice or just looking for some new ideas, our selection of cookbooks have got you covered.

Yes it's true, Ramy's Wild Seasoning is a perfect blend of seasonings and spices that will enhance virually any wild rice dish you decide to make.  But what you may not know is the it also works wonderfully with many other recipes ranging from meats and poltry to soups, stuffings, sauces and beyond.


Ramy's very own selection of personalized greeting cards will complete any order with your choice of card and personalized greeting.

Whether it’s for a special holiday or just a thoughtful gift, our wild rice products will make a lasting impression.  With our numerous gift packaging options we can cater to any of your gift giving needs.  We are also able to ship your purchase directly to an alternative recipient, and you can even add a personalized gift card.