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About Wild Rice

Long known as the "Caviar of Grains", wild rice is not a rice, but actually a grain. It grows naturally and wild in the cold lakes and rivers of Minnesota and Canada, but in such limited quantities that there is less than 1 lb. available for each 100 people in the United State. Now considered a delicacy throughout the world, wild rice was once known only to Native Americans and still holds very special meaning in Native American culture.

During late August and early September - the Month of the Wild Rice Moon - the rice is harvested by hand. A canoe is used in this process. One person will use a pole to push through the tall reed-like grass while another person will bend the grass over the edge of the canoe and strike it with a stick. The ripened grains fall and collect in the bottom of the canoe. Then using various techniques the rice is processed for use and sale.

In addition to the naturally grown, hand harvested lake wild rice there is also machine planted and cultivated wild rice. The natural environment of wild rice - cold, deep and clear water - makes it a difficult product to efficiently produce this way, and many steps are taken to try to improve production.

Its much smaller size, shiny dark color and less "nutty" flavor characterize this rice. We at Ramy Wild Rice Co. offer you only naturally grown, hand harvested, lake rice. It is what our family prefers, we are confident that your family will as well.