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About Ramy International

Long before the North American continent was settled, wild rice was a staple used by Native Americans of the Great Lakes region and Upper Plains. The rice was gathered by floating a canoe through shallow waters, bending the grass that contains the grain over the canoe and striking the grass with a stick. The ripened grains would fall and collect in the bottom of the canoe. It was then dried in the sun and used in their cooking. Today, except for a special proprietary method we use in the cleaning and processing of the wild rice, our rice is gathered in the same way used by the Native Americans of earlier days. Our special growing areas assure our customers and us a unique product - one in which we feel you could search the world over and never find an equal!

"Ramy's Signature Long Grain" wild rice is 100% naturally grown in only the cool, pristine waters of a private lake in the unspoiled North Country. Untouched by human hands until harvesting, it grows in very limited quantities Mother Nature herself sets. When you feel you deserve the best for you and your family or want to give the best as a gift, Ramy's Signature Long Grain wild rice is an excellent choice. The extra-large size, unequalled flavor and very limited availability truly make this an exclusive product. Please visit our online store to learn more about our other products.

We are sure once you have, you will accept no substitute!

We at Ramy Wild Rice Co. offer you only naturally grown, hand harvested, lake rice. It is what our family prefers, we are confident that your family will as well.

In addition to the naturally grown, hand harvested lake wild rice there is also machine planted and cultivated wild rice. The natural environment of wild rice - cold, deep and clear water - makes it a difficult product to efficiently produce this way, and many steps are taken to try to improve production. Its much smaller size, shiny dark color and less "nutty" flavor characterize this rice.